Monday 3 February 2014

Daily Bulletin – Monday 3 February 2014
Lunch Queue Rota

Week Beginning Queue 1 Queue 2
Monday 3 February 2014 S1/2 S3/4

Lost Property
There is various lost property in the Office. Please check if you have lost anything. There have been jackets and PE bags handed in from Departments – if you asked last week about your lost property, please come to School Office as it may have been handed in.
School Office

Use of the Astro
Can I remind all pupils that absolutely no food and drink should be taken onto the astro. Food is regularly being left on the pitch and this affects classes after lunch. If it doesn’t improve, then the astro will be locked over lunch time.
Miss Carmichael

Your Library
Oxgangs Library is offering 2 new clubs for 11 – 14 years old:
Gaming and Reading Challenge starts Tuesday 4 February, 6.15pm – 7.15pm, with a Video Game focus.
Glitz Lit Girls starts Monday 10 February 6.00pm – 7.00pm. What’s Hot and What’s Not in girls reading.
Go along and give it a try!
Ms Nixon

Tickets are on sale for the Talent Show from TODAY until the beginning of the February break and then again after the February break for one week only.
Mrs Sharp

Chanter Lessons for both groups are on TODAY after school. Group A is 3.45 – 4.15, Group B is 4.15 – 4.45
Mrs Graham

Anyone for Tennis?
Lunch-time tennis coaching sessions, S1 – Tuesdays 4 & 11 February, S2 & 3 – Thursdays 6 & 13 February. Both days 1-1.40pm in the gym with Graeme Soutar from Thistle Tennis club. For more information please see Miss Norman.
Miss Norman, Active Schools Co-ordinator
Junior Choir and Vocal Academy
Both choirs will now rehearse on MONDAYS at lunchtimes from 1.10 – 1.40pm in Music Room 1. Rehearsals will begin TODAY.
Miss Duguid

S3 Volunteers- World of Work
Could the following pupils attend a meeting at morning break TODAY in design and tech regarding your role on the day.

Aimee Jackson 3A1 Robbie McDermott 3A2 Trenton McClellan, Kate Rutherford, 3B1
Hannah Mcguigan, Heather Roy 3B2 Shonagh Cameron, Carys Hardy, Callum Kettley 3B3
Leona Mullens, Jordan Veitch 3C1 Stewart Scollon 3C2
Aimee Morgan, Jenny Turner, Jack Macnab 3C3 Giorgio Lanni 3C4
Rachel Black 3B1 Callum Sillars 3C2
Mr Young