Languages (English/Media)

English Is Important

We believe English is at the heart of learning, both academic and emotional.  English is a gateway into experiencing the world and understanding our, and others’, role in it.

English is the medium through which young people gain most of their knowledge and develop many of their skills that will carry them into a full adult life.  Although all staff teach language skills, we are privileged to be responsible for offering the most opportunities to develop communication skills.

English is for everyone

Our classrooms value the contributions and insights of all pupils. We provide appropriate lessons for all ranges of ability and provide a stimulating environment for all.  English has a major role to play in boosting pupils’ self esteem and teaching them to respect others’ views and opinions – skills that allow pupils to leave school with the confidence to become successful and responsible citizens.

How We Do It

We are able to achieve this growth through discussion of controversial issues and texts, which challenge preconceptions.  In a global society of highly sophisticated communication, we have to prepare our pupils to spot the difference between opinions and fact to empower them to form judgements of their own.


  • To spot the potential in every child and bring about learning for all
  • To build a positive sense of community
  • To open up a curiosity and enjoyment about media and literature
  • To create as many lifelong readers as we can!
  • To develop personal qualities such as: politeness, independence and tolerance
  • To give pupils the skills to work in a team and as individuals
  • To have the ability to deconstruct messages and evaluate those of others
  • To create confident written and spoken communications
  • By encouraging and enthusiasm for reading and film we give our pupils companions for life.

Value Literature

We take pupils beyond the walls of the school and travel with them to places beyond their imagination: to the past, the future, ‘to infinity and beyond!’

Read Widely!


Languages (English/Media)