Library Resource Centre


This is a busy hub of the school.  It is open each day at 8.15 a.m. and during the school day.  Lunch-times, it opens at 1.15 p.m. and it is open for an hour  after the school day ends.  The LRC is closed during morning interval.

Classes come to the LRC from various subjects and S1 are given an Induction lesson as well as Library Skills classes.  S6 students are free to use the LRC during their study periods – space permitting -  and all students and staff are able to use and borrow resources.  Suggestions for new stock titles are welcomed;  there is a Suggestions Box on the Issue Desk.

In addition to several thousand fiction and information books, the LRC subscribes to various data bases and the online version of the World Book Encyclopedia.  Please see the Librarian for the relevant passwords.  Newspapers are bought daily and students are also able to use the many computers to be found in the LRC.