Languages (Modern)

We value skills, achievement and the desire for knowledge along with application and effort. Globally and particularly in Europe opportunities for study and employment are no longer confined to our country of origin. We, therefore, believe that education in languages in school has an essential role to play in preparing all students for inclusion in the wider society.

We teach pupils how to communicate in a foreign language through the four skills of Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing. As well as studying the foreign language, pupils are exposed to the culture of the country.

Pupils study French in S1 and those who perform particularly well and show an aptitude for language learning are offered the opportunity to study German as a second foreign language in S2. They can then choose to continue with either or both languages through to Standard Grade and beyond.

Currently the department has 4.4 members of staff. We have been fortunate in recent years to be allocated French, German and Chinese assistant hours which offers pupils the opportunity to work in small groups focussing on talking and listening skills and broadening cultural awareness.