Health & Wellbeing

The Physical Education Department aims to stimulate curiosities, which will permit students to express their creativity and develop positive relationships with others.

To enable learning, students will be motivated by ‘SCORE ing’ goals to reach their targets:

Success the need for mastery of physical and learning skills through understanding. Students want and need work that enables them to demonstrate and improve their sense of themselves as competent and successful human beings.

Curiosity and the need for understanding. Students want and need work that stimulates their curiosity and awakens their desire for deep understanding.

Originality and the need for self-expression. Students want and need work that permits them to express their autonomy and originality, enabling them to discover who they are and who they want to be.

Relationships and the need to be involved with others. Students want and need work that will enhance their relationships with people they care about.

Energy that is needed to deal constructively with the complexity, confusion, repetition and ambiguities of life.

By aiming to combine achievement and artistry students can SCORE by reaching beyond the strict dichotomies of right and wrong and pass and fail.

The Department aims to discover what students are already doing right and to then further encourage the cultivation of everyday learning conditions that foster student motivation and success.


Health & Wellbeing