Parent Council

The formal bit:

Parental Involvement Act 2006

The Act makes it a top priority for every education authority and every school to support the involvement of parents:

  • At home – by providing them with information on what their children are learning at school and how this can best be supported at home.
  • Through school – by providing them with opportunities to contribute to the life of the school eg. by helping out in the classroom, on school trips and at school events.
  • In a more formal way – by helping them to decide what kind of parent group the school should have.

Parent Forum

All parents/carers are members of the Parent Forum.

What does being a member of the Parent Forum mean?

As a member you can expect to:

  • Get information about what your child is learning
  • Get information about events and activities at the school
  • Get advice/help on how you can support your child’s learning
  • Be told about opportunities to be involved in the school
  • Have a say in selecting a Parent Council to work on behalf of parents at your school

Parent Council

At Firrhill High School, a new Parent Council was formed in September 2007. The Parent Council meets regularly and supports the delivery of a high quality educational experience for pupils within the school.