Parents and Carers as Partners in Learning

The relationship between the school, its staff, and parents is an important one which can help children to do better.

Parents can support their children by talking through what they have been doing at school, helping them with their homework and discussing their progress with them.  Open evenings and parents nights also provide a useful opportunity to speak with school staff and share your knowledge of how your child is progressing.

Some parents may want to get more involved in the school and this can be through sharing your own experience or skills, helping out on school trips being involved in excursions or supporting sports teams.

Other ways in which you can be involved is by joining the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) or the Parent Council.  The PTA is involved in fundraising and supporting school events, while the Parent Council supports school improvement and has representation on the National Parent Forum of Scotland.

This year the Parent Council will be supporting school improvement through its working groups.  These groups provide opportunities for parents to promote the work of the school, help the school to achieve an Eco Award, and to organise Parent and Pupil Information sessions covering Careers, Curriculum for Excellence and Teenage Health.  The group also provides and supports the extra curricular life of the school and is establishing a Firrhill Alumni.

-  Sarah Brown, Headteacher