Religious Observance Assemblies

At Firrhill we have six assemblies which encourage children to reflect on the positive role they can play in the school, the community and the world. Our assemblies recognise the important symbolism of particular times of year to many different religions and seek to promote an understanding of different faiths without promoting a specific single religion.  All children are encouraged to attend but if a parent wishes their child not to attend they can withdraw them from the religious observance assembly programme. Information about how to do this is available in the School Handbook.

Assemblies are linked to the work of the school and a variety of pupils take part in their delivery, for example the school’s charitable sixth year committee link the message of hope connected with the December assembly to celebrating the school’s fund raising.  The third years who learnt about the work of the Cyrenians produced a film to accompany the harvest time assemblies underlining the need to think of others.

In 2013 the school has worked with our school chaplain, Gayle Taylor, the Rotary Club, the Cyrenians and the Youth Philanthropy Association as partners in the creation of our assembly programme.


Programme 2013-2014



Theme School Group
September Values that make a caring community


Helping Hands S6
October Harvest : plenty and famine

Custody of the planet

S6 Eco Group

S4 Youth Philanthropy project

S3 Geography Field Trip


November Armistice : importance of actively working for Peace


Senior Student Council

Musicians from S5

January Holocaust memorial day

Inhumanity of man


Invited speaker


December Light in darkness School chaplain

Interact Charity Work

Junior choir


April Rebirth

Theme of change

Importance of creativity to our well being


English faculty and Art faculty